Ladies’ Lunch / Shower Menu


Cheese Platter

Selection of cheeses such as Cheddar, Brie, Blue, Pepper Jack, Gouda, Edam, and/or flavored cheese spread served with fruit and handmade crackers.


Salad Squared

An offering of four different salads served with fresh baked bread. Can also be offered as a salad trio or pair. Choose from the selections below, or make a special request!


Taco Salad – Black beans, corn, tomato, shredded Mexican cheese, romaine lettuce, scallions, and tortilla strips served with Ranch and Salsa Ranch.


Asian Chicken Salad – Blend of lettuce, red cabbage, radish slices, and shredded carrot tossed with chicken, snow peas, green onions, toasted almonds, mandarin oranges and sesame-soy dressing.


Caprese – A refreshing and beautiful arrangement of fresh mozzarella, roma tomato slices, and basil drizzled with olive oil and seasoned simply with salt and pepper.


Berry Chicken Salad – Mixed baby field greens tossed with chicken, fresh strawberries, blue berries, raspberries, and gorgonzola topped with raspberry vinaigrette.


Chicken Caesar Salad – Grilled chicken breast atop a classic Caesar salad of crisp romaine with parmesan crisps and dressing.


Spinach Salad – Leafy baby spinach, hard boiled eggs, bacon, and red onion in a warm bacon dressing with just the right sweetness.


Pear and Gorgonzola Salad – Crisp pears and creamy gorgonzola over simply dressed arugula and topped with toasted walnuts for crunch.


Cucumber Salad – Sliced English Cucumber and red onion in a sweet dill vinaigrette.


Dessert Bar

Selection of small pastries such as lemon squares, mini fruit tarts, brownies, cookies, or your favorite treat!



Punch Bowl – Frothy mix of fruit juices, soda, and lime sorbet

Iced Tea

White and Red Wine


Cost of the Shower Menu as shown above varies based on salad selections, party size, service style, and other specifics of your event but is roughly $15-20 per person.