Antipasto Flatbread

Hand-tossed dough baked with three cheeses then piled high with cool Genoa salami, lettuce, roasted red peppers, pepperoncinis, artichoke hearts and mixed olives.


Cheese Platter

Selection of cheeses such as Cheddar, Brie, Blue, Pepper Jack, Gouda, Edam, and/or flavored cheese spread served with fruit and handmade crackers.


Warm Appetizers

Selection of savory tarts, filled pastries, warm dips, and bruscettas

Simple Snack Spread

Selection of platters of crudités and dip, fruit, cheese and crackers, nuts, etc.


Warm Pesto Spread

Pesto, parmesan, cream cheese, and tomatoes baked until bubbly and served warm with crackers and crudités.

Chips with Chili Queso and Salsa

Tortilla chips served with fresh made salsa and a warm chili cheese dip


Proscuitto Pear Tart

Gorgonzola-herb cream cheese spread in a golden tart shell topped with thinly sliced pruscuitto slices and pears. Savory with a hint of sweet.



Toasted rounds of French bread with a range of toppings to choose from – Traditional Tomato Basil, Pesto, Carmelized Onion with Bacon and Blue Cheese, Olive Tampanad


Bright green avocados blended with tomatoes, jalepeno, cilantro, and garlic served with tortilla chips for the ultimate chip and dip appetizer.



Flavorful dip made with chickpeas and a mix of spices. Available in traditional flavor as well as Roasted Garlic, Chive, Jalepeno Lime, Roasted Red Pepper. Served with Pita triangles, which can be toasted, or fried.