Delicate pastry shells filled with flavored cream and drizzled with chocolate.


Italian-style ice cream with a blend of cherry, chocolate, and pistachio flavors. Served with a selection of toppings such as chocolate, nuts and cherries.

Chocolate Almond Torte

Luscious chocolate and almonds in a fudge-like cake garnished with a dollop of fresh whipped cream

Chocolate Fountain

Warm cascading chocolate with fresh seasonal fruit and pound cake for dipping. Up to two fountains with different chocolate flavors and other “dippables” are available.


Myer Lemon, Key Lime, Cranberry or other icy Granita treat of your choosing, spiked or non-alcoholic, rounds out this light meal. Selection of cookies served along side if desired

Dessert Pizza

Sugar cookie crust with a thin layer of sweetened cream cheese and topped with an array of mixed fruit and drizzled with chocolate.

Dessert Bar

Selection of small pastries such as lemon squares, mini fruit tarts, brownies, cookies, or your favorite treat!